Hey Product Sellers {Importers, Network Marketers, Drop shippers & Manufacturers} 

Discover the "Crazy System" to Get Buyers that Only Buys in BULK & Pay Upfront 

and finally kiss goodbye to struggling with costly FB Ads & retail one-by-one sales of your physical products. 

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You missed out!

Before you get the details, 

See a few testimonies from sellers like you. 

Christian U

Manufacturer, Nigeria

Joel's strategy is mad genius. 

Cmon, there's nothing to compare to the ease, speed and Oh God the peace of mind that comes with selling out in bulk, getting paid upfront and free & quick delivery is second to none. 

Mrs. Miriam

Importer, Nigeria

This thing is like magic

Will you believe I now sell my herbal teas in so easily in Ogun, Lagos, and even Kogi without lifting a pin and zero delivery? Now I get about 2 to 3 persons buying at least 120PCS daily. God Bless you for me. 

Manaseh M. H 


I struck Gold when I met Joel's SWOF course

I will recommend you anyday anytime. Despite the corruption label on Nigerians, I never doubt you and each time we hire new hands due to increased volume, I only Thank God I met you. 

Dear Product Seller,

 Why can't you sleep at night? 

  • You have been blowing money on Facebook ads with little or no buyers coming your way?
  • You are tired of selling bit by bit? Like its not worth the stress?   
  • Would you rather sell in BULK very fast and get money in one piece even if it means selling for less profits per units?
  • Tired of the Pay on Delivery troubles with customers cancelling orders even after you've spent money on delivery, ads and customer support?
  • Are you a Dropshipper looking to sell in BULK and get paid upfront such that you even have enough capital to buy more from supplier and make more profits?
  • Are you a manufacturer, small or big and is looking for a way to clear your products very fast that you have to even hire more hands?
  • Are you a Network Marketer with Longrich, oriflame, Forever living products, etc and urgently want people to buy your inventory preferably in BULK and even Pay Upfront?
  • Are you looking for capital to import /buy and taking a loan is just not possible? Would you want a less risky way to raise money quickly?
  • You're are frustrated with Expensive yet slow delivery options especially when you do inter state, and you wish there was a better way without the hassles everyday?
  • You've bought a lot of crap courses on selling and nothing really happens? And you have always wondered if you can really make say N400K sales consistently weekly?

Hang it there and read about my story.

TRUE STORY: Selling 900pcs of a N5,600 product in 6/7 days - No Pay on Delivery, Delivered for FREE. 

From the Desk of JOEL AMAWHE

Dear Product Seller,

Are you tired of the sit and wait selling or the retail hand to mouth selling or blowing money on facebook ads with no results or having to  deal with cancelled orders and pay on delivery troubles

You have always wished you could get sales quickly preferably in BULK and even be paid upfront?

Stay with me as I am going to reveal my 2 years old 100% Legal system to Sell in BULK like crazy, get paid upfront and on top of that make free deliveries Nationwide

But before I get into all of that, Let me ask you a question?

Is selling in BULK not better than Retail?

Of-course, YES. 

You see, in 2016 when I had my daughter, Harmony, I decided I was going to start selling physical products online same thing you'll call Ecommerce. 

As the “gurus” taught us, I did everything. 

I bought products from 1688.com, setup funnels, ran Facebook ads and quickly updated my profile as an “Importer”.

Sometimes, I will manage to get orders other times I don’t. 

See ehn, it didn't take long for me to realize that I was in a huge mess because of two monsters - Pay on Delivery and Retail Selling


Everyday was like a nightmare. 

First, I have to deal with many customers who will only pay on delivery

This gives rise to many of them cancelling orders halfway after already paying delivery man. 

Some even say they weren't expecting item that day or they thought it was bigger or smaller or just find some crazy excuse to not buy. 

Mind you, I already spent money on Facebook ads. 

Sometimes, I would use dispatch riders, other times Self delivery agents especially for inter state orders. But I get to deal with rude, slow and dishonest agents.

Now on to retailing, you’ll agree that all of the troubles with delivery will have been worth it if I was selling in bulk and not the hand to mouth that I was doing. The type that before I get the next order, I have already spent my small profits on ads, loads of call credit to call divers and leads many of whom never buy. 

Some "gurus" suggest that you provide some discount to entice bulk purchase but that doesn't really work for the most time. Besides, with all the monies spent on ads and delivery, how much discount really can I still afford to give up?

Also, as I was selling retail, i couldn’t really raise enough money for marketing. Hence I was getting minimal results unlike one who’ll spend a bit more. 

This continued until I became very broke and couldn't even afford to import again.

As the guy who never gives up, I took a loan from my wife’s cooperative but I got into serious debts because the cycle of misery and hand to mouth selling just continued. 

Please don’t call me a dullard because I know I was good with Facebook ads, I am a website designer so I was good with funnels. I would even consider myself a good sales man too. 

So the problem wasn’t in all of that, It was on using the regular systems that every guru teaches on how to do ecommerce in Nigeria. 

I eventually saw that even the struggling Jumia that does retail could only have been able to stay alive because they had enough funds to run marketing and everything. 

I finally realized that small ecommerce entrepreneurs like you and I cannot survive the retail POD model. 

This fundamentally is the reason, many ecommerce entrepreneurs fail and I was just in line too until something happened.

I was arrested by SARS, yes, the now disbanded Special Anti Robbery Squad while making deliveries in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. 

What was my offence? 

I was simply in same vehicle with some alleged Internet Fraudsters, popularly known as "Yahoo boys"… and when they saw my chats in Chinese with my Chinese suppliers, I was quickly labeled a "yahoo boy". 

 I was taken to the station and consequently, I couldn't continue deliveries for that day. 

But Becky, one of the customers who wanted the item kept on calling. She texted me on how badly she wanted the item delivered that day.  

As you’ll expect, I lied. Yes I didn’t want her thinking I was a fraudster, so I lied that something came up. 

This incident was the revival that got me out of the struggling seller...

First, I told myself that even if I have to go through the hassles, it should be worth it. This can only happen if I sell wholesale. 

You'll agree that, even if I have travel miles myself to deliver my goods, I won't mind provided its bulk sale. I mean 30pcs, 50pcs, 100pc, etc...

Or is it not the same troubles and money to sell 1pc that'll spend on selling more?

If statistics has shown that 3 out of 5 orders fails, this means if I do wholesale, the two successful ones will cover the losses from the other three not so?

But then, there has to be a way to solve Pay on Delivery issues.

Can't people just pay upfront?

How do I get people to buy bulk? Where can I find them without expensive fb ads ?

These and many questions haunted me for several nights so i started digging...

The things I discovered will make you call me "scam". 

For example, did you know that there's a system UBER uses to deliver goods nationwide FOR FREE? I bet you never knew that. 

That finding alone solved my expensive delivery problem...

What was even more shocking was that, there's a secret selling system that will make people to literally beg you to buy goods in bulk and pay upfront, yes in Nigeria...

The shocking part? 

0.00 AD spend, No Pay on Delivery and quickly deliver nationwide for free. Yes, for free. 

There's nothing else like this system. Believe or not. 

In my fourth week of testing, I sold off almost 900pcs of a product each sold at N5,600 wholesale in 6/7 days and have achieved similar feats with other products consistently...


Hell, NO.

I went on to deploy this selling system into over 100 businesses with different products  in Nigeria, Ghana, Rwanda, Cameroon , making over $213K in bulk sales paid upfront coupled with fast and free deliveries.

Cosmos, who turned to  ecommerce after his farm was flooded used my system to make N300,000 in bulk sales in just a few days with only about N11,000 spend. Yes, Smart Wholesale means SPEED even while spending less.  

When he met me...

After I was done with him...

Titilope, a single mum of 2 struggled with retail selling until she deployed the Smart Wholesale & Order Fulfilment system. Key highlight for her was getting paid upfront in bulk.     

Manaseh, from Kumasi Ghana urgently needed a way to sell and distribute his farm produce, he too have used my strategy and made huge success. 


Smart Wholesale & Order Fulfilment System (SWOF)

This is the last video course you'll ever watch as far as selling is concerned. No bluffing here.

 I am revealing my 2 year old crazy but 100% legal selling strategy to sell any product in bulk like mad, get paid upfront like jazz, peacefully and quickly deliver your goods anywhere FOR FREE. Yes, you read that rightly. 

Sell in BULK like crazy

You'll learn About 6 CRAZY things

If you'll stop doubting for once and get on the course and then come with your four eyes and some energy willing to change the game for yourself, then I will show you things you never imagined could happen.   

  • I will teach you a "Stupid Crazy" way to Target People that only BUY BULK on Facebook & Instagram without spending a dime....this is not posting on groups 
  • The secret 100% legal system to make people pay upfront. This means goodbye to pay on Delivery. Yes despite the trust issues.
  • The weird system UBER, BOLT, etc. uses to run deliveries for free nationwide. Shocking right?
  • The New free innovation to deliver goods within 48 hours anywhere in Africa
  • A free and easy to use online software to automate everything such that you sleep yet sell and deliver.  
  • How I deployed the SWOF system in selling a simple product and making 4.7M in three short weeks selling in BULK.

and if you implement this within 1 week and it fails, I will refund your money 100%

Disclaimer & Warning.
Do not proceed if you don't agree

  • The SWOF course is not centered on how to run Facebook, Instagram ads, etc. That alone does not solve the problem.  My course provides a brand new tested and really crazy way to get people to buy your goods in bulk, pay you upfront and of-course deliver fast and free.    
  • The course is best suited to persons who sell non-perishable items of any kind. I mean goods that cannot get bad within 2 weeks at most. And yes, that's how much time it could take to sell off at least 1,000pcs of several products (from experience) when you implement the system.
  • AND VERY IMPORTANTLY, Please do not take advantage of my strategies to sell products that do not work. This not a bluff. In as much as how you handle your business do not affect mine or other students, I think I am getting pretty popular as the inventor of the SWOF system and wouldn't want to have my image tarnished.  

Can you really trust Joel Amawhe?

For a lot of reasons, yes!  

I am the proud inventor of the SWOF selling model. A model that helped 1,000+ product sellers done $716K in bulk sales within the past 2 years. You can argue all you want. There are proofs. 

I have been a recipient of awards, grants, sponsorships, etc  from both the federal government of Nigeria and private organizations and have built businesses that have gone on to raise venture capital and have solved problems.

One of such businesses is MyPadi (prev. Studacom and HostelsVilla), an online student housing platform serving the needs of students since 2016.  

I have even been picked to represent Nigeria GITEX 2017 Tech Expo in Dubai by the Ministry of Communications of Nigeria

I’m a TEDX Speaker and have also been featured on notable media platforms such as ChannelsTV, CGTN Africa, Vanguard, Rave TV, The Nation, Techpoint, and a bunch of other platforms.

Some Testimonies

Course Modules

Its a Step by Step Video course split into 4 modules


Module 1: Smart Wholesale & Its Moving Parts

Here I took a head dive into the concept of smart wholesale & order fulfilment, the benefits to all parties, setting terms, area mapping and setting prices like a pro.


Module 2: Never-heard-of Marketing HACK for BULK Sales 

In this module, I get to share just how to get the right persons to buy in bulk, where to find them, offer positioning, best performing funnels and even provided sample copies for marketing


Module 3: Automation & Tracking

As a huge fan of building systems, I teach my students how to use a free and easy to use web and mobile app to automate and track almost everything.


Module 3: Case Study on How I made 4.7M in 3 weeks

In this concluding module, I reveal the exact same steps I took to making 4.7M profits in 3 weeks. The exact product I sold, the marketing channels, the funnels and more.

Mr. Joel, can this really work for any product?

Absolutely and this is because I and my 1,300+ students have tested this with multiple products across several niches be it health, fashion, household and kitchen items, farm, and a lot more. 

I have done 80% of the work.

Irrespective of what you sell, Just plug in your product this week and begin to get bulk buyers. 

You see, if for some strange reason you try the strategies outlined in this video course and they don’t EXPONENTIALLY grow revenue for your business, I’ll refund you the cost of buying.

Sound fair? 



Number of students


Success rate

Truth is, A Good Product + My Crazy Sales & Distribution System = Mad Money. Trust me.

What If I don't have any Product?

You don't have a good product to sell or have never even done ecommerce before? 

No problem. I got you.

I have an underestimated tool that I use to get hot in demand products to either import or buy locally.  This is same tool that the first people to import Power banks used many years ago to find it first.

I will give you access to a straight-to-the-point 1-hour video training that explains all my wife and I does from product research to testing and all in between. 

The value of this alone is worth N20,000 at least.  

Forget Facebook ADS first! 

The Smart Wholesale & Order Fulfilment System (SWOF) will turn you to a bulk sales beast in 1 week no matter what you sell.

See why 1,314 Product sellers like you now uses the SWOF system to sell in BULK fast

Selling with SWOF

  • Sell in BULK very fast clearing like 30pcs, 50pcs, 100pcs etc of your goods at once with zero ad spend
  • FREE Deliveries Nationwide with a secret UBER Delivery system
  • Faster Inter /Intra State Deliveries
  • Get capital to import/buy products without loans (not pre order groups)

Selling Your Way

  • Slow Retail Sales with expensive Facebook ads, plenty calls and cancelled orders
  • Continue with Pay on Delivery & Expensive Delivery wahala
  • Slow Inter/Intra State Deliveries
  • Struggle with raising capital to import/buy

Argue it or not, there has never been a FASTER way to sell in BULK and get paid upfront in Nigeria. Period.  

Before you Proceed to Get the Course, I have one question for you.

Is this worth Paying N11,300 for?

Imagine that you that has been struggling to get buyers all of a sudden begin to get your goods sold out in BULK anywhere in the WORLD... without paying a dime for delivery? 

Imagine that you can quickly deliver to any part of the world FOR FREE without yelling on the phone or engaging dispatch riders? This also means no more expensive deliveries. This also means no more using your money to pay for deliveries and telling customers "free delivery"

Just imagine, getting people flooding your phone or WhatsApp with calls begging to even pay upfront...this not pre-order by the way. This is a crazy 2 years old tested system to make people pay upfront without, "I don't trust you". This means getting capital to even buy goods before you sell without loans.   

Imagine being able to deliver anything anywhere to customers within 24hours whether inter state or not without back and forth with riders? This means peace of mind right?

Imagine that you never get to deal with customers who cancel orders anyhow, the ones that say they've travelled or put off their phones using my crazy yet 100% legal system? 

Think about how you can easily sell off 898pcs of any product anywhere peacefully within 6/7 days - no pay on delivery. 

What is the worth of your goods?

I mean the ones you've been struggling to clear off? Or the ones you intend to buy to sell? 

N100,000? N500,000, N3M or even more?

With the one-by-one retail selling that you do  now, how soon will it take you to get that money?

50days? 100 days? 300days? or even more? 

What if my strategy helps you sell them off in way shorter time with upfront payments, yes in Nigeria despite the Trust factor? 

Honestly speaking, will paying NGN11,300 not even seem like you robbed me? 

You know deep down that its a token compared to the value you'll get from selling in bulk very fast, getting paid upfront and even getting free deliveries. 

Believe it or not, but paying for this course is the best investment you'll make in your business. Trust me.

PROCEED TO PAY N11,300 N15,000

Direct Bank Transfer 

Kindly Pay N11,300 into;
First Bank // 3061034968 //Amawhe Joel Okeoghene
NOTE: Please send Proof of Transfer to 08114357028 on WhatsApp


You implement SWOF this week & it fails.



I'm not computer savvy, can i do this too?

If you can create a facebook account, you can do this. On the average, my students implement in 1 week and begin to get their first bulk sale.

Apart from the course fee, do i spend anymore moeny?

As shocking as this may sound, you don't need any kobo to deploy the system today. You most likely have what you need. 

Is this about creating Pre order Groups?

Not at all. This is no pre order groups as some people do. In-fact, if it turns out that you already do what I teach, ill refund your money

Will you sell my goods for me or what?

Not exactly. What I am giving you is even better than selling for you. I am teaching you a new superb strategy to sell your goods yourself in bulk quickly. That way, you don't need me anytime you need to sell. 

is it a platform , website or what?

No. Its a step by step video course where you'll learn how to setup the Smart Wholesale System for yourself and even make money doing it for others.  

is there a group for students?

Absolutely. We have a Facebook group where you can meet other students and get to ask me questions during our Live Q/A sessions. 

You'll sell in BULK fast, Trust me 

For you to read to this point, it shows you really want to sell badly. 
You probably have alot of stock right now.

Selling them off means you return your landlord's call, your school fees, settle some debts or even refund the money you probably borrowed back. 

Its probably none of that but you belive you can make selling your products a big business to become independent finally.

You've bought so many courses with no results, and you see this one as just another one. 

Well, I am not going to tell you about how over 80% of my goods already paid for in bulk  month on month with my strategy but I will ask you to dare me and If you don't sell, I refund you and apologize. 


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